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Welcome to the StarPro 6 Flue Adaptor Audit Program.

This program is relevant only for Victorian/Tasmanian installations of Brivis/Rinnai High Efficiency Condensing gas ducted heater with all the following criteria:

  1. Appliance Models: StarPro Max HX and StarPro SP6, AND:
  2. The model is internally installed, i.e. in the ceiling or under the floor, AND
  3. The date of manufacture is from July 2009 to April 2018
  4. Serial Number is within the range: 827947 and 1215906


For Victorian/Tasmanian installations of these models, Rinnai has become aware of a number of internal installations of the StarPro High Efficiency condensing ducted gas heaters where the flue adaptor has deteriorated. This may result in condensate seepage from the exhaust flue and, in some isolated cases, potentially causing minor moisture damage to the heater cabinet or ceiling. This audit program will address this. Your heater remains safe to use.